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      The Instigators boast the always amazing Mark "The Voice" Edson on lead vocals and acoustic/electric guitar. Every song is an incredible vocal interpretation. A true vocalist extraordinaire. As an extra bonus Mark performs several songs by Roy Orbison, channeling the Orb's voice in an uncanny reproduction. Experience the beauty of Classic Music's melody and lyrics through "The Voice", Mark Edson, and The Instigators .

      The Instigators rock with Larry "Cool" Schramm on bass and vocals. Originally from "Philly", have you ever marveled at the phat bass that makes you want to shake your Bdonkadonk? Well, all that, and he sings too. Most Excellent.

      The Instigators and lead guitarist, Jim "Fingers" Townsend, are a match made in heaven. From Californicopia to the land of Tejas, an amazing guitarist and vocalist. Acoustic and electric, lead vocal and harmony, three singers in one band, oh my gosh, it's the freakin' Beatles, except it is actually The Instigators .

      The Instigators are driven mad by the explosive rhythm of Keith Newberry on drums. Don't drummers drive everyone crazy? Well, if not, they aren't doing their job, eh what? Having played with greats such as Freddy King, Eric Johnson, James Brown and Johnny Dee, well, see it to believe it. The Instigators .


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